What You Need to Know About Anadrol Dosage and Its Different Cycles

Anadrol Dosage and Cycles

If you’ve been in the fitness space for quite a while, you may know of Anadrol, one of the most popular steroids on the scene. It’s well known for being a bulking agent that can assist in rapid muscle growth and enhancing strength if you follow the right Anadrol dosage and cycle.

Known scientifically and medically as Oxymetholone, Anadrol is primarily designed to help individuals with anemia, as well as helping people gain weight when it’s necessary. It has the ability to enhance protein synthesis, helps in the synthesis of red blood cells, and increase the oxygen carrying capacity of said red blood cells. All in all, this means that Oxymetholone can rapidly increase your muscle size when you add regular exercise to the mix, and it can do it fast. This is why it’s such a popular choice with bodybuilders and bulkers alike.

Of course, while there are benefits, Anadrol is still an anabolic steroid at the end of the day. This means there will be side effects. Even if Anadrol is considered a “safer” steroid to take, “safer” doesn’t mean “safe”.

So, if you want to mitigate the chances of having any egregious side effects, you’re going to want to know the appropriate methods of taking it. I’ll introduce you to the appropriate Anadrol dosage and cycles to take depending on what you’re going for. Just remember that even if you do follow these Anadrol cycles, side effects can still happen, so it’s up to you to weigh the risks and benefits.


Anadrol Dosage

Anadrol Dosage

While determining your cycle is important, determining the dosage you’ll be taking is equally as important. If you’re looking to have a smooth time with Anadrol, you’re going to need to understand what amount of the steroid is considered okay in fitness terms.

First and foremost, consider using an alternative before committing to anabolic steroids. The usual creatine / protein mix, or even try legal steroids, in this case the equivalent would be anadrole.

For men, you’re going to want to go for an Anadrol dosage of 50mg to 100mg per day. As per usual, beginners need to stay on the lower end, especially if they’re new to steroids in general. They can increase gradually over time to make sure their bodies have grown tolerant to the strong effects of the steroid. More advanced users can opt for doses starting at the higher end of things.

For women, the recommended dosage is vastly lower than it is for men, and for good reason. This is because all steroids have a virilizing effect if used even in small doses, which means that a woman who takes it can actually become infertile if she’s not careful.

If you’re a woman considering taking Anadrol, you’re going to want to keep it at 5mg a day; like I said, drastically lower than men, but it’s still enough to create some powerful results. If a woman isn’t so concerned with the risks and is able to monitor her health properly, 10mg a day is an option, but any higher is strongly discouraged.


Anadrol Cycles

Anadrol Cycles

Depending on your experience, your cycle can look different compared to others. If you’re new to Anadrol, you can always gradually increase over time, but it’s always recommended that you do it one cycle at a time.

Here are the recommended procedures for Anadrol cycles dependant on experience:

  • Beginner Cycle. If you’re just starting out (especially if you’re new to steroids in general), you should start at a cycle of 4 to 6 weeks. The starting dose should be at the lowest end: 50mg per day.
  • Intermediate Cycle. Intermediate users tend to stack Anadrol with other steroids, such as testosterone. In these cases, the cycle of the secondary drug tends to last around 10 to 12 weeks. Anadrol would be used for the first 6 weeks in order to speed up that muscle growth, as the other steroids will do the work to maintain the muscle mass itself.
  • Advanced Cycle. Advanced users most likely aren’t just using Anadrol by itself. There’s going to be other steroids and compounds thrown into the mix as well. The full cycle can last quite a few weeks, up to 16 in fact. No matter how long, though, Anadrol should be used for the first 6 weeks in order to boost your muscle mass. The other steroids and compounds will be maintaining the gained mass.

After every cycle, you should engage in at least 4 weeks of post-cycle therapy (PCT) so you can restore your natural hormonal functions.


Anadrol Stacks

Anadrol Stacks- Concept

Intermediate and advanced users are likely to find themselves considering stacking Anadrol with other steroids and compounds. This is not only common, but recommended by other bodybuilders. The reason is because Anadrol is great at kick-starting your muscle gain, but it’s not the best at actually maintaining it. Because of this, Anadrol cycles tend to be a lot shorter than the main cycle itself. Think of Anadrol as the engines that get a jet into the air, while the other steroids and compounds are the wings to ensure it gets the distance it needs.

Here are a few stacks you’re going to find to be common in the fitness community.

  • Anadrol and Winstrol. A typical dosage and cycle for this combo would be 50mg of Anadrol for 1 to 6 weeks and 25mg of Winstrol for 7 to 12 weeks. You’re going to find it’s great at toning muscle with minimal water retention. Perfect for a beginner looking to experiment with stacking.
  • Anadrol and Testosterone. Stacking anything with Testosterone is always a classic. It’s known for its fantastic results with muscle growth and strength enhancements. It will maintain the muscle you gained from Anadrol for quite a while. For this, you’ll want to do an Anadrol dosage of 50mg to 100mg a day for the first 6 weeks. With Testosterone, you’ll do best with 200mg to 400mg of Testosterone per week.
  • Anadrol, Testosterone, and Trenbolone. This is the dream team. Those who are looking to go elite with their physique tend to go with this. It involves 75mg to 100mg of Anadrol per day, 500mg of Testosterone per week, and 300mg of Trenbolone per week. Anadrol would be used for the first 6 weeks while Testosterone and Tresbolone would continue for 10-14 weeks.


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