Sustanon: The True Side Effects Revealed


If you have performed any form of research on bodybuilding in the past, you will have probably come across Sustanon.

The fact that this is an illegal steroid (at least in the US) should show that it’s one that’s pretty potent. However, before it made it onto the illegal list it was associated with speeding up the bulking process to record levels.

In short, it’s a mix of testosterone and contains a combination of short and long esters. The upshot of this is that the effects of Sustanon will last a lot longer than alternatives.

Unfortunately, as probably revealed by the illegal-factor, all is not perfect. We will now take a look at Sustanon in-detail to reveal what it really does to your body.


What are the benefits of Sustanon?

Let’s kick things off with some information on the benefits of Sustanon. Despite being officially illegal, bodybuilders around the country are desperate to get their hands on it as it makes their job so much easier.

This is a steroid that is able to supercharge muscle growth, whilst boosting the amount of fat you burn in the process. This is all due to the higher testosterone levels that it prompts. There is also evidence to suggest that it boosts overall performance, so there are lot of advantages contained within Sustanon.


What are the most common side effects of Sustanon?

As the tone of this article might have suggested, it’s not all good news. Sustanon can work wonders from a bodybuilding perspective, but before you take the plunge and attempt to purchase this illegally you should be aware of all of the drawbacks.

Many of these drawbacks are by no means mild – they can significantly change your life. Let’s now take a look at some of the main ones to highlight the point in-detail.


Man breasts

That’s right, one of the most common side effects that Sustanon prompts is man breasts. Medically speaking this is classed as gynecomastia, but the effect is the same.

So, why does this happen? The body is used to balancing all of your hormones out, mainly through a process called aromatization which is able to convert testosterone to estrogen. The problem is that when you add more testosterone to your body, it also increases the amount of estrogen. The upshot is that the breast area is affected, and the rest as they say, is history.


Hair issues

We’ve called this next side effect hair issues as it can work both ways. For some of you, you will end up losing your hair. Others meanwhile, it might result in additional growth. Suffice to say, both are unnatural and undesirable results – both caused by the added testosterone that Sustanon provides.


Mood swings

Even if you are the calmest guy in the room, there’s a chance that this could all change through Sustanon. This is something which has been associated with immense mood swings – again caused by the fact that so many androgenic hormones are entering your body. Aggression is the most common swing and again, this is something that nobody wants to deal with.



Growing up, most of us were unfortunate enough to suffer from acne. As soon as you turn to something like Sustanon, you will be welcoming back such bodily changes though.

Sustanon has been found to stimulate the sebaceous glands, which happen to fuel oily skin. Ultimately, if you have more oil within your skin, the chance of breakouts occurring suddenly increase significantly. It is usually your back that suffers in this regard, but your face can be affected as well.


Water retention

Water retention is something which might sound a bit vague in some regards, so let’s spell out the simple repercussions of this. If our body starts to retain more water, it means that your muscular definition is going to be completely eradicated. Sustanon has the unfortunate habit of bloating your body, meaning that all that muscle you have worked so hard to build has suddenly been masked by water.


Shrunken testicles

This is the side effect that makes guys wince the most. The composition of the supplement means that your testicles will shrink, while you might also experience impotence and a low sperm count. Some guys struggle to have any sort of sex drive, as well.

Fortunately, there is some good news on this note. As soon as you stop taking Sustanon, this nasty side effect should disappear and your testicles should return to their normal size.


An increase in blood pressure

Finally, another common side effect is an increase in blood pressure. At the same time, other studies have found that Sustanon raises your bad cholesterol and decreases your good cholesterol.

This is one of those side effects that is “in the background” so to speak and it really can be dangerous.


Is there any way you can avoid these side effects?

Following on from the above, the outlook doesn’t look good. Sure, Sustanon can prompt immense muscle building effects, but hopefully you’ve seen that the cost to your overall health is far too great to consider.

There is some good news, though. There have been a lot of advancements in the supplements industry over the years, to an extent where manufacturers have devised legal Sustanon alternatives.

In essence, these do exactly as the name suggests. They work by helping your body build muscle faster, and burn fat, but without all of the terrible side effects that we have spoken about thus far.

It sounds a bit of those “it’s too good to be true” moments, but the way in which these manufacturers have worked around the issue is to tap into natural ingredients. As we all know, as soon as something becomes natural, it means that the side effects are eradicated. Ultimately, in the space of thirty days or so, your body can have all of those muscular benefits without any adverse reactions in the slightest.

Unsurprisingly, this is the route that a lot of bodybuilders have opted to take. The benefits aren’t quite as potent, but they are still very powerful and allow your body to benefit in a very small space of time.


What is the best Sustanon alternative available?

In terms of the best product of this ilk which is available on the market, the mantle cannot go to anything other than Testo Max. This has actually been voted as the best legal Sustanon alternative for several years in a row and uses a proven concoction of natural materials to help you reap the benefits without succumbing to all of the side effects.

Some results from past customers are beyond the extraordinary. For example, one guy was able to increase his bench press by 30 pounds in less than two weeks, while another put on 4kg of muscle mass in just one month.

The manufacturers of Testo Max, Crazy Bulk, are one of the most renowned companies in the business and regularly advertise buy 2 get 1 free offers – to allow you to purchase products in bulk. Considering the fact that Testo Max is marketed as a premium product, and generally priced accordingly, this is important and makes it a lot more accessible.

For a detailed description of Testo Max along with customer reviews, click here.


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