5 Proven Ways to Lose Weight (According to Social Media)

For as long as the world spins round, people will be searching high and low for the best ways to shed the pounds. It’s a topic that’s never going to grow old – and it’s unfortunately a topic which is ever-changing, with different techniques constantly entering the picture.

Rather than tell you what the latest scientific studies have proven, we’re instead going to tap into a different source of data for today’s post. Social media has its critics at times, but in this instance we are going to draw upon some of the weight loss methods that have worked for the users of Reddit.

There’s nothing quite better than anecdotal guides when it comes to weight loss – it shows that something actually works. Bearing this in mind, here are some of the key ways in which people have found success with losing weight.


Prepare your meals ahead of time

While many of you might have been expecting us to go off on a tangent about cardiovascular training and several of the other “classic” techniques, we’re not.

This first suggestion isn’t going to talk about what you eat, or what exercises you perform, but rather the way in which you approach your eating schedule.

A lot of us just don’t buy into healthy eating because we don’t have time. When we get up in the morning, or home from work, it’s either too early or late for us to make anything that’s good for us.

This is where positive preparation enters the picture. If you can take a day out of your schedule and prepare a week’s worth of food, the results can be monumental. This food obviously needs to be of the healthy variety; it needs to contain all of the protein, healthy carbohydrates and everything else your body needs to develop. The point is that it isn’t fast food in the typical sense – it’s fast as you only have to heat it up, but this is completely on your terms.

Ultimately, when you next get home from work, you don’t need to be reaching for the instant noodles or anything else that is going to bloat your waistline. You can quickly grab your pre-made meal in the fridge, and do no-end of favors to your body and your time.


Make sure your plate is full of fruit and vegetables

This next suggestion seems incredibly simple, but one might have to question why just a tiny proportion of the country buys into fruit and vegetables. In fact, one recent study showed that less than 10% of people in the US eat the two to three cups of fruit and vegetables that are medically recommended.

This is a huge problem for the country. If you can cram more fruit and vegetables onto your plate, you’ll open yourself up to no-end of weight loss benefits. This is a sure-fire way to consume more food, yet not see it reflected on your waistline.

The fact that a couple of cups of broccoli contains just over 100 calories should highlight this to a tee. Ignoring the calorie-factor for a minute, let’s not forget about the immense amount of fiber that’s contained within fruit and vegetables. Fiber is something that can help keep you full, which is obviously crucial within the whole weight loss equation.

We could talk about the way in which fruit and veg helps fight heart disease, obesity, diabetes and a whole host of other medical problems. However, hopefully the above paragraph has summarized it enough from a weight loss perspective, and shown why you need to try and fill half of your plate with these foods in every meal.


Ditch soda for water

This is probably one of the more expected items on our list, as it’s something which is constantly highlighted in the news and through other mediums.

One of the key reasons behind obesity isn’t the food you eat, but more the drink you consume. Soda is one of the biggest offenders and a lot of Reddit users found that by cutting this out of their diet, their waist line plummeted beyond belief.

The problem with soda is the sugar content. To put this into perspective, just one can of cola can provide you with 39g of sugar. It’s worth mentioning that you are not advised to surpass 36g, so this is a huge number to consume in just one, small can. Over the course of the week you would save 1,000 calories, if you were to cut out your daily can of cola.

There are all sorts of other studies surrounding sodas and the sugars within them as well. One found that those people who have regular sodas have approximately 10% more visceral fat – which is the amount of fat which builds up around your organs. Suffice to say, this type of fat is completely bad news, and the reason some dangerous heart conditions occur.


Only cook your own food

Even though more restaurants seem to be jumping on the back of the “healthy eating” bandwagon, that doesn’t mean to say it’s a suitable alternative for your own cooking. The problem is that there are still all sorts of hidden ingredients within anything that doesn’t come from your own kitchen. If it’s ordered in, it’s questionable to say the least.

Plenty of people on social media have taken this suggestion on board and to great effect. This has come following a UK study which showed that people eating five meals cooked at home each week were almost 30% less likely to be overweight.

As well as having insight into each and every ingredient that goes into your dish, you are also more likely to avoid the processed foods which tend to be such tempting items across restaurant menus.


The rise of intermittent fasting

This is something that has been picking up more and more traction over recent times on social media. Some people have lost a phenomenal amount of weight in just a couple of months and it’s anecdotes like this which can promote a sudden interest in the concept.

The basis of intermittent fasting is for you to stagger your calorie intake. For example, for someone who consumes 2,500 calories a day; one day might be comprised of 750 calories, while the other might be 1,750. The former is classed as a fast day and just means you can implement a degree of restriction into what you are eating.

It’s proving to work so well due to the flexible nature of it; many people feel as though they are only fasting a few days a week and don’t have to focus for the others. Considering the fact that a loss of focus is one of the main ways in which diets fail, it’s easy to understand why intermittent fasting is working for so many people.

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