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Anadrole Review
Released by Crazy Bulks, Anadrole has hit the market for those of you looking for a natural alternative to the famous steroid Anadrol. In other words, it has been designed for those of you who are seeking monumental strength gains through longer and more intense sessions. It retails at $54.99 and you can take advantage of free shipping to both the U.S. and Europe.
Value for Money85
Ease of Use95
Anadrole has been designed to mimic the immense effects of the steroid Anadrol.
It will boost your size and strength, all by allowing you to get more out of each and every workout session.
Don't worry about nasty needles, Anadrole is a capsule-based product.
You will start to see the gains in less than two weeks.
The nature of Anadrole means that it is not designed for those of you who don't train. It will only benefit you if you are already training, or are at least starting.
Crazy Bulks recommend stacking their products to get the best out of them, which can add more cost.
FInal Rating
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What is Anadrole?

Wind back the clock several years and Anadrol was huge. It was a steroid that really did supercharge your results, and still does. The only problem was that like most steroids, the side effects are too nasty to even talk about. It meant that while you were making monumental gains, it came at a huge cost to your health.

Anadrole has therefore been released to combat this. It’s something which is comprised of natural ingredients, which immediately eliminates all of those side effects. However, it’s still able to boost your training intensity to record heights, and therefore fuel those size and strength gains that we’re all craving.

Unlike its older steroid brother, Anadrole is capsule-based. You only have to consume two capsules before breakfast, before then letting it get to work. This work can take less than two weeks so while it might seem like a less potent supplement, it’s still extremely powerful and will work very quickly.


How does Anadrole work?

Arguably one of the most impressive things about Anadrole is that the way it works is very simple. While some supplements might be quite complex, the same cannot be said about this one. Instead, it relies on the simple principle of increasing the amount of red blood cells that circulate around your body.

The upshot of this is straightforward; when you have more red blood cells there is more oxygen being carried to your muscles. From a training perspective, this is essential. It means that you are less likely to get tired during workouts, as your muscles will no longer be starved of oxygen.

As well as the above, this is important from a recovery perspective. Oxygen is a core component in helping you recover from workouts and without it, the aches and pains become commonplace. As Anadrole provides larger quantities, it means that your recovery times will shrink and you can hit the gym on a much more regular basis.


Are there any side effects associated with Anadrole?

Crazy Bulks have carved a reputation as being one of the most natural supplement brands in the world. Ultimately, it means that side effects don’t occur with their products, with this including Anadrole.


Will Anadrole work for you?

It’s worth mentioning again that Anadrole isn’t going to work for those of you who don’t train – it’s not a magic formula to get bigger muscles. This is because it works to boost your oxygen supplies for workouts – so if you’re not working out in the first place the advantages are going to be nil.

However, if you are actively training, there is plenty of evidence to indicate that it will work for you. The fact that Crazy Bulks have developed it is significant, particularly because they have been behind so many other legal steroids that have flown off the shelves.

The feedback from other people who have used the product is a good indicator as well. The general consensus is that it provides a huge surge in performance during training sessions – with this then being replicated in the results. For example, some guys have increased by almost 20 lbs in just one month, so the figures can be significant.


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Price and where to buy

Anadrole currently costs $54.99, with this covering a one month supply of the supplement. It is available from, who also provide a bulk buy discount meaning that you can get a third bottle free when you buy two.

You can but the product from the official website here.


Review Summary

All in all, we were hugely impressed with what we saw with Anadrole. While the fact it has been put together by Crazy Bulks is significant, there are plenty of other reasons why we are encouraged by what we have seen.

It works in a logical way, already has positive results and just seems to be the ideal solution for those of you who are looking to avoid the nasty effects of ‘real’ steroids.