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Manufactured by Crazy Bulks, D-Bal has been designed to replicate the positive effects of one of the most famous steroids of all time, Dianabol. It will provide you with fast muscle gains and huge strength gains - all by increasing the amount of nitrogen that your muscles can hold. It retails for $59.99, with shipping completely free to the U.S. and Europe.
Value for Money85
Ease of Use100
D-Bal is the natural alternative to Dianabol, meaning that it's completely safe and legal.
It will provide you with fast muscle gains and increased strength.
You don't have to turn to any needles as it's a capsule-based product.
It works fast and you can expect to see results in less than thirty days.
D-Bal is difficult to purchase on the high-street and you'll generally have to turn to the internet.
Crazy Bulks recommend that the best results come when you stack the product with others.
Final Score
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D-Bal has been based on Dianabol – which is banned in some forms due to the dangerous side effects that it held such as high blood pressure and all sorts of cholesterol issues.

However, whilst a lot of publicity surrounds these nasty effects, it’s worth highlighting that Dianabol was once one of the most popular steroids for bodybuilders for the simple fact that it produced mammoth strength and size gains.

D-Bal has therefore been developed to mimic the steroid, but by using natural ingredients. The upshot of this is that your body is safe from side effects, whilst reaping all of the muscle-building benefits. On the subject of the benefits, these results occur within thirty days of using the product so it works exceptionally fast.

It is capsule-based, and you’ll only have to take three capsules at one point through the day which means that it’s not going to be any hassle whatsoever.


How does D-Bal work?

D-Bal works via a simple principle; its ingredients are able to combine to make your muscles retain more nitrogen.

The benefits of this are enormous from a muscle-building perspective. Nitrogen is something which plays a crucial role as your muscles repair; the more of it you have, the more protein which is available in your cells. As we all know, protein synthesis is the bread and butter of bodybuilding so the more of this occurs, the more muscle that your body starts to develop.

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Are there any side effects associated with D-Bal?

The major element of D-Bal is the natural-factor. In other words, while it might be based on the Dianabol steroid which had a whole host of nasty side effects associated with it, this isn’t the case with D-Bal which is comprised completely naturally and means that you’ll be completely safe.


Will D-Bal work for you?

Unfortunately, the age of D-Bal means that it’s not possible to obtain official medical studies. In our experience, the next best thing tends to be the results of other people who have used the product.

On the whole, these results are exceptionally positive. The general consensus is that it can take a couple of weeks to see the effects, which validates what the manufacturers claim, with the majority of case studies showing strength and size gains.

When you also consider the logical way in which D-Bal works, in the way that it takes advantage of nitrogen retention which is a tried-and-tested method for muscle growth, we are under the firm belief that this is a product that will work for you.

The only disclaimer is that the best results are only going to occur for those of you who currently train. In other words, while it’s a strong product with lots of success already, it’s by no means “magical” and you will have to put some work in for it to be successful for you.


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Price and where to buy

D-Bal arrives in a bottle containing 90 capsules, which is sufficient for a one month supply. This retails for $59.99 from Crazy-Bulks.com.

There is also a 3 for 2 offer available; allowing you to receive a third bottle free.

You can but the product from the official website here.


Review Summary

In summary, D-Bal is a product which has impressed us immensely through the course of this review.

Dianabol was big back in the day – but we all know what happened with the side effects. This product has eradicated all of these through its reliance on natural ingredients, and the fact you can reap such huge rewards in as little as thirty days is quite extraordinary and highlights the progress that the supplements industry has made.

Its ability to allow your muscles to take in more nitrogen is something that we all know helps muscle growth, while the results from past users speak for themselves.

As such, we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending D-Bal to anyone who is looking for those significant size and strength gains.