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Testo Max Review
Brought to the market by Crazy Bulks, Testo Max will boost your testosterone production using completely natural ingredients. Gone are the days of illegal steroids, the product will safely allow you to boost your strength, muscle mass and overall performance. It retails for $59.99, with free and discrete shipping to worldwide locations.
Value for Money75
Ease of Use95
Testo Max uses proven, natural ingredients to increase the amount of testosterone that your body produces.
The end result is that you'll be stronger, have bigger muscles, more energy and just boost your overall performance.
Testo Max is capsule-based and does not rely on any needles.
You can expect to see results in two weeks of using the product.
You might have to buy additional products to get the most out of Testo Max, with Crazy Bulks recommending that it's stacked with other items in their collection.
Most high-street supplements don't stock Testo Max - it tends to only be available online.
FInal Rating
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What is Testo Max?

Testo Max is a product which will help you produce more testosterone. Previously, steroids were the answer to this problem, but the side effects of this were significant to say the least. While the gains from testosterone-based steroids were huge, the fact that many became banned should tell an appropriate story of why products like Testo Max have come to market. It’s based on completely natural ingredients, meaning that no side effects will occur whatsoever.

While the product will look to mimic the effects of steroids, it does this in a safe manner. Additionally, if you’re needle-shy you don’t need to worry – with Testo Max being a capsule-based product. You only need to take three capsules before your breakfast every day, so it’s not going to be a time-consuming product either.

Furthermore, while Testo Max is based on a safe formula, the results are surprisingly quick and you should start to experience them in two weeks.


How does Testo Max work?

Testo Max mainly relies on the tribulus terrestris plant. This has proven to be hugely useful in the bodybuilding industry, for the simple reason that it contains steroidal saponins. These chemicals can work to boost your luteinizing hormone levels, which is significant when you consider the fact that they are in charge of producing testosterone. At this point we should remind you that increased testosterone levels have been associated with increases in strength and muscle mass – so tapping into larger supplies is crucial for your bodybuilding aims.

It’s also worth mentioning that there is 100% pure tribulus terrestris exact in this product, with 45% saponins. This is a huge amount, around double what most rival products use, so the gains can be immense.


Are there any side effects associated with Testo Max?

The natural-factor with Testo Max is huge and due to this, you won’t experience any side effects. Again, this is in contrast to traditional means of increasing testosterone production – where side effects just had to be accepted.


Will Testo Max work for you?

Of course, there’s no way to identify if a product will definitely work for you, but the evidence associated with Testo Max suggests that there is a very good chance. Firstly, the fact that it uses the tribulus terrestris plant is a major factor, with this scientifically proven to increase testosterone production. As the manufacturers have relied on such a large quantity of it in each capsule, it means that the effects are just multiplied.

On the subject of the manufacturers, we should reserve a section for them. Crazy Bulk have become an authority when it comes to supplements; particularly those which look to mimic the positive effects of traditional, but unsafe steroids. The very fact that their name is attached to this makes us believe it will work for most of you who try it.

There will be some people who it doesn’t work for though. While it will boost your testosterone levels, if you are not currently training you will not experience any of the muscle-building effects. It will make growth easier, but you have got to be putting the work in to start with.


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Price and where to buy

Testo Max is currently available for $59.99 from Crazy-Bulks.com, with this discounted from the usual price of $85. However, there are further discounts available, with the company allowing you to take advantage of a “buy two get one free” offer if you are looking to buy in bulk.

You can but the product from the official website here.


Review Summary

Crazy Bulks have called testosterone the Godfather of bodybuilding – and the science certainly doesn’t disagree. Testosterone is one of the reasons why so many steroids became popular and it was able to provide gains that were quite simply off the scale.

The fact that the manufacturers have been able to add such large quantities of a natural testosterone-boosting ingredient is significant. It sets it apart from the competition and bearing this in mind, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is looking to make quick strength and muscle mass gains.