The Ultimate Guide to The Anabolic Steroid Anabol: Dosage, Side Effects & Alternatives

For those of you wanting to pile on the strength gains, we’re going to assume that the name Anabol has crossed your path.

In short, this is regarded as one of the most powerful steroids around. For anyone who is tired of waiting for the natural gains, this is the sort of supplementation that needs to be turned to. Unlike some steroids, it’s something that works in record speeds as well – with some guys experiencing results in a matter of days.

Of course, like all steroids, side effects can occur. In truth, Anabol is a really complicated steroid, and through the course of this guide we are going to look at the good and bad of it – as well as some alternatives that some of you might find particularly interesting.


What is Anabol?

If we’re talking about Anabol, we’re actually talking about a brand name. For those who are scientifically inclined, you may have also heard it referred as methandrostenolone or methandienone. Both of these are hormones that are in the human body.

If you still aren’t sure, some of you may have heard it called Dianabol.

From a technical point of view, this oral steroid has an anabolic rating of 210. Naturally, most of you won’t have a clue what this means. Therefore, if we said that it has double the power of testosterone you would probably sit up and take notice. This power allows it to facilitate more protein synthesis, and also make your muscles hold more nitrogen. Both of these points are able to result in ultra-fast muscle gains.


What is the difference between Anabol and Dianabol?

We touched upon Dianabol in the previous section and for this reason, we need to make a couple of clarifications.

To avoid confusion, let’s point out that these are simply brand names. They are both made from the same structure (Methandrostenolone) 1 and the only noticeable difference is the color of the tablets; Anabol 5mg tablets will usually be pink, while Dianabol in 10mg will be blue (and usually in the shape of a heart).


What can Anabol do for you?

Anabol is regarded as one of the fastest steroids around and for those of you who are looking to put as much muscle mass on in record speeds, it should most definitely be turned to.

To coin some examples, it’s not been unheard of to make gains of over 15 pounds in the space of one month. There have even been some cases of 11 pounds being put on in ten days.

Of course, not all of these gains are permanent. The steroid has the unfortunate habit of making your body retain water. This means that some of the gains do disappear, but you should keep about 80% of them.


What is the dosage of Anabol?

The fact that Anabol is twice as potent as testosterone should highlight how much power is within it. Of course, with power comes responsibility, and this is where the dosage requirements come in.

This is something which isn’t going to do your liver any favors in the slightest. It’s for this reason that you should never surpass six week cycles, or you risk doing irreversible damage to your liver.

In terms of when you should use it, the best advice is to turn to it as you look to gain your initial muscle mass. This is due to the reason it works so quickly. If you fall into this group, look to take 20-25mg per day.

For those of you who might need an extra push, having embarked on your muscle mass journey some time ago, it can work very well. In these cases you should probably be looking towards 30-35mg per day.

It’s worth mentioning that some people are able to turn to just 15mg and still reap fantastic results. If you fall into this group then great – the less you take of Anabol, the less chance of side effects occurring.


Are there any side effects with Anabol?

Following on from the last point, let’s now talk about some of these side effects 2.

As we all know, this is something that just has to be accepted with anabolic steroids. The most common ones associated with Anabol come in the form of more bad cholesterol, less good cholesterol, man boobs, more water retention and an increase in blood pressure. While these are the most common, let’s not forget about the hugely detrimental effects it can have on your liver (which is the same with every steroid we should add), as well as the potential to develop acne, baldness or excess hair growth.

Something else that is common with anabolic steroids is testosterone suppression, meaning that your levels of this chemical decrease as you take them. The knock-on result of this is a whole host of problems, none of which we want to be associated with. We’re talking about the likes of smaller testicles, less sex drive, erectile dysfunction and even less body fat.

Some people will opt for an anti-estrogenic treatment to attempt to offset the testosterone-related side effects, but these are never guaranteed to work. The best advice is to instead shun these steroids, and turn to a modern alternative that’s completely safe on your body.


Is there any way to avoid these side effects?

It might sound too good to be true, but modern science has at least paved a way for us to reap Anabol-like benefits without the dreadful side effects that we have just documented.

This alternative comes in the form of legal alternatives to steroids. Put simply, they make the body work in the same way, but instead rely on natural ingredients to mean that they don’t cause any adverse reactions. When we talk about natural ingredients, most of the time we are talking about those components derived from plants.

In the case of the best alternative for Anabol, there’s no doubt that D-Bal fits this category.

d bal crazybulks

This is a product that is formed from completely natural ingredients, and put together by the leading brand in the world of natural supplements, Crazy Bulk. It doesn’t require any needles and to highlight its strength, some guys have been known to pile on 14 pounds of muscle in just one month of using it.

Some might suggest that it has something of a premium price tag associated with it, but free shipping is available and the distributor regularly runs multi-buy discounts to make it more financially efficient for you.

Read our full review of D-Bal.


Where can you buy Anabol?

If you are still interested in buying the real Anabol, despite reading the above, it’s not the easiest process in the world. This isn’t something that the typical store will sell, or even a pharmacists for that matter.

Sure, some gyms might unofficially sell it, and the internet might also come to your assistance from time to time. Unfortunately, the controlled nature of Anabol means that it is very easy to be scammed and we would therefore advise you to be cautious before you opt to purchase it.

The controlled nature of it means that it’s difficult to find accurate pricing information as well. There are no “official figures”, but people tend to pay between $0.10 and $0.20 each for a 5mg pink tablet.

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